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Dr. Dwight &

Mrs. Diamond Williams


5:30pm~July 27, 2021~7:00pm

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5:30pm~Christmas Time 2021~7:00pm

5:30pm~Summer Time 2022~7:00pm

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Diamond Emelda Skinner

Diamond Emelda Skinner was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, to Martinez Jefferey Skinner and Naomi Skinner. She is an educator certified in secondary Special Education and taught Social Studies in NYC. In addition, she teaches teachers in various settings regarding how to create academic growth in students with disabilities. She also is a certified speaker and facilitates adult learning in the areas of Equity and Anti-Racist practices. Finally, as a Minister-in-Training she uses her platform to provide ministry to teachers on her social media platform and through work at Bethel Gospel Assembly. She is planning to continue her educational work wherever she and Dwight reside: The Bronx, Baltimore, Iowa, some place else!


Special gift from Dwight:

*Loving Poetry (re-written)

Dwight Anderson Williams II

Some call him DJ, but even more call him a friend. Dwight Anderson Williams II, PhD, has traveled to a few places and found networks in his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and in other home bases: Charlotte (NC), Tallahasse (FL), Arlington (TX), Ames (IA). The list also includes his parents' hometowns of Gary, Indiana, and Miami, Florida, the ol' stomping grounds of Yvette Twana Rayford-Cobb and Dwight Anderson Williams, respectively. He is blessed to have Robert L. Cobb and Gerri Beatrice Williams as parents, as well. A realization of love through community provided a foundation for Dr. Williams to attain a PhD in mathematics from The University of Texas at Arlington, after graduating from The Florida State University (MS) and Florida A&M University (BS). During the 2020-2021 academic year, Dwight served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and continues growing as a researcher, advocate for students of color, and nationally-known leader in supporting equity-based journeys in mathematics. Together with Diamond, Dwight looks forward to calling home The Bronx, Baltimore, Iowa, some place else.

<*><*>Our Love Story<*><*>

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Dwight had never beheld such a precious gem until his gaze found Diamond across Ursa's Cafe in April of 2008. On that day of first sight, Dwight and Diamond were attending an ice cream social at Washington University in St. Louis during an admitted-students weekend. They did not chat it up at the social, but Dwight did not pass up the real treat of seeing Diamond again: He found Diamond in between events and introduced himself. This began their love story as two high schoolers headed to college... together?

While Dwight ended up attending Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, miles away from STL, distance did not stop these college sweethearts. The "classic" photos featured on this site demonstrate the deep love that was present in both young scholars and evidence of WashU & FAMU being key locations to their connection. NYC became another sacred spot of their relationship, a relationship which seemed to go the way of star-crossed lovers. They began their college years together but graduated to other paths in life.

Hold up! This a story of an established love!

Therefore, a few close friends and family members were not surprised to play the role of catalyst for Diamond and Dwight's reconnection during the penultimate week of 2020. Others may have wondered how such a strong connection could happen during a pandemic.

Certainly, the 2020 year presented challenges with COVID-19 decimating a planet, raising the need for social distancing, and impelling society to alter its trajectory. It was the very state of social distancing and altered trajectories that highlighted a need for spiritual convergence and stillness before a move, a change, a divine act. God led Dwight and Diamond to a place of clarity and to see what — rather, who was missing in their individual walks. God gave Diamond and Dwight each their person, not a partner but a full-ner.

In December 2020, Dwight reached out and Diamond reached back.

In July of 2021, and beyond, they move forward as one.

Thirteen years and three months from their first meeting, Diamond and Dwight are joined in holy matrimony forever more.

Who would have thought that an ice cream social would have lead us to such a Blessing!